Before You Renovate

01 May 2020

Renovating a new home is a major task mixed with excitement, anxiety and a loaded Pinterest board. For the inexperienced, crucial elements are usually over looked and this can lead to confusion, project delays and a huge blow out of your budget.

Let’s have a chat

By now you will have established who will be your builder of choice, your electrician may have worked with your builder on other projects – that’s great, but even so, request a meeting between to the two trades to ensure everyone is working towards the same project outcome and that the electrical requirements are not overlooked.

Request that your electrician conducts a site inspection to ensure any challenges for the project are dealt with prior to works starting. A good electrician will want to hear your expectations and they will want the opportunity to discuss any design details and sustainable options.

The Electrical Checklist

Plan Ahead

What is it that you want from this renovation? Are you intending to sell the property or stay there permanently? Are you planning on extending down the track when finances are more flexible? All of these factors play a huge role in the Electrical goal and budget.

Your Vision & Lifestyle

Do you want TV Points in every room? Do you need several points in your living space for your vacuum cleaner? Where do you prepare meals in your kitchen? All of these minor details are actually very relevant to the overall lighting design & budget. Understand your design & furniture layout, discuss any statement pieces that may require overhead lighting for visual appeal.

Be clear on your budget

Discuss your budget and expectations in detail with your electrician, ensure the Electrician has a project management strategy in place to ensure your are well informed throughout the project. Discussing your budget with your Electrician gives both parties a starting platform to work from. A good electrician will not jeopardise their workmanship or quality of materials to meet a budget that is to low, so you should have a realistic expectation of costs and ensure your Electrician will discuss these openly with you.

Sustainable future

A good Electrician will be working towards a sustainable future. These options should be discussed at your initial design meeting, whilst these options can sometimes be expensive in the beginning, in the long run they can save you thousands! So.… as per the “plan ahead” section, compile a list of expectations from this property and utilise your Electrician to explore all cost effective alternatives, also have your Electrician notify you if there are any Government grants available for Solar upgrades.

By taking all of the above into consideration when dealing with different trades you are more likely to find the renovation process fun, exciting and within budget!

Oh, last but not least…. remember to track your progress on #insta !