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Brady Electrical Contracting – your community’s beacon

23 Jul 2020

Here at Brady Electrical Contracting, we believe we are more than just an electrical company providing residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services in Kyabram. To us we are part of this community, and it is our professional and personal mission to continue helping and supporting its people in ways we can.

Your Brady Bunch

For our highly skilled, A-grade electricians and apprentices, there is no job too big or too small. Whether it’s installing a brand new lighting system or replacing an oven element, we’re your first stop.

Value over price

We are not the cheapest Electrical contractors on the market, however we are also not the most expensive. We provide services that go beyond what you might need. For a fixed A-Grade Electrician hourly rate of $80 per hour, we give you the following:

Quick booking process

You can book a service either through our office or via an online booking request form, and we make sure your inquiries and requests are met in the fastest time possible.

Expert electricians

Our highly qualified and experienced electricians and apprentices are adept and updated with everything and anything to do with electricity. From traditional electronics and appliances to smart technology, we know how to make them function properly and efficiently.

Upfront discussions of variations

Upon assessment, our electricians walk you through your problem points and the solutions we can provide. We’ll present you with the different options so you can make an informed decision for your electrical system.

Constant monitoring

The job doesn’t stop when we leave your house or commercial property. Our reliable administrative staff check with you regarding the job fulfilled to ensure that we have met your expectations. We also provide complimentary follow-ups, site inspections and scopes as needed.

On-the-spot pricing

After inspection and assessment, we’ll provide you a breakdown of costs required for your repairing, installation and maintenance.

Quality workmanship

We know how inconvenient it is to have faults with electricity. Brady Electrical Contracting is known for its award-winning workmanship, we are also a member of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). You can rest assured that all of our work is guaranteed, and we work vigorously under the ESV guidelines, ensuring you are provided with the appropriate electrical safety certificates for compliant work. – No hidden surprises that come with non-compliant work!

Fully stocked warehouse and vehicles

We’re fortunate enough to have a completely stocked warehouse so we can go to your property well-prepared to fulfill the job, so there are no service delays waiting for and retrieving materials from our office. You’re assured that you will be serviced in the fastest time possible.

Complete transparency with bills

We are honest and upfront about pricing and there are no hidden fees that hike up the costs.

Supporting community building

Brady Electrical Contracting is a family-owned and operated business, employing 10 locals who are keen to help and make a difference to our town. More than customers, we treat you as our neighbors who expect nothing but the best for your homes and place of work.

We share the same goals in keeping Kyabram a thriving community. We want to do our part to help foster better and healthier community relationships with everyone. Whether it’s sponsoring your football team, testing your elderly mother’s smoke alarm, helping you through a construction project, or advising you how to work through building contracts, the people of Brady Electrical Contracting are more than ready to help. No task is too big or too small for us, so you can always expect reliable service and help from our friendly local professionals.

As we collectively work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we assure you that we continue to provide our services with your safety in mind. We have protective measures in place such as our protective gear when we work on your property, disinfecting practices, as well as social distancing. We thank you for supporting us and other local businesses, and we promise to prioritise your safety as we provide you the service and help you need. Contact us for enquiries or to book a service.