Who is Brady Electrical Contracting?

02 Jun 2020

Who are we and what can we offer you? Brady Electrical Contracting has 50 years of combined industry experience, we are continuously striving to deliver quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

We have worked with a comprehensive range of customers in industrial, commercial and residential spaces, developing project solutions that are both on time and within budget. We have also partnered with municipal councils on a variety of projects.

But what is it exactly that separates us from other electrical contractors?

There are three core attributes that has set us apart from our competitors:

– A team of experienced and quality professionals.

– Sustainability is an important area of focus.

– The right infrastructure and best practices in place.

The best people are on the job

The administrative team, project managers and electricians are specialists who are fully dedicated in providing results. This means our office is staffed with some of the industry’s best and we can give our customers the best possible service.

As career professionals, our electricians are experts in all aspects of their field and are constantly keeping themselves updated with the latest developments. Each A-grade is accompanied by an apprentice in a fully equipped work vehicle, enabling us to complete projects more efficiently. Prior to our specialists arriving on site, our friendly team in the office would have scoped your project, ensuring our guys are sent on site with all the necessary tools and information, therefore saving our clients time & money.

Every aspect of our project is also tracked and optimised using Tradify to further enhance this advantage and ensure that we are consistent in our deliverables. We acknowledge that an open line of communication and full transparency are crucial elements to the success of all our projects.

Our specialists arrive in site on fully equipped work vehicles

Sustainability is a core focus

Some of the toughest environmental challenges we face in our time is undoubtedly climate change. It is an important conversation in every household, and we hold ourselves accountable to play our part to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The technology and methods in tackling sustainability is evolving at an encouraging pace, and we employ this in every consultation and project we take on. Short-term and long-term cost-effective electrical systems are also something that we factor in due to its direct impact for both the environment and our clients. Our electricians are qualified to offer clients the available options that are aligned to their budget and provide the necessary consultation.

The equipment that we use, such as infrared cameras and locators are also centred around minimising environmental and financial impact, as well as optimising energy and cost efficiency for the long run.

Fully equipped, structured and agile

We own the equipment to take on projects, minimising the need to outsource tools and logistics. This enables us to pass on cost savings to our clients, further adding value to our services. Our inventory includes fully equipped work vehicles, elevated work platforms, trucks and utes for waste disposal management among others.

We ensure that our equipment is always in excellent condition through a regular maintenance schedule using automated systems. These automated systems (fully integrated into Tradify) are also used by our in-house team to oversee project developments and help clients keep tabs if or when they need to.

To ensure that we deliver ongoing quality workmanship and excellent customer experience, we are constantly evolving alongside the industry. Best practices in safety, technology, innovation and methodologies are adopted accordingly, allowing us to keep ahead of the curve and be flexible in our executions. In fact, this approach has enabled us to win a number of awards and achievements since our inception, such as:

– Finalist of the 2019 GMCU ALIANZ Campaspe Business Awards

– Proudly working alongside Middy’s Electrical and the Winner of the Middy’s Small Business Award

– A member of NECA – the peak body for the electrical and communications sector in Australia

At Brady Electrical Contracting – quality workmanship, sustainability and customer excellence are at our centre. We are primed with the right solutions to meet all your all wiring and electrical contracting needs.