Support Local Businesses Post-Covid

02 Jun 2021

Businesses all over Australia have had to take a step back because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and no one has been hit harder than small businesses that have struggled to stay afloat. Whilst some businesses have been supported by government, small businesses don’t always have the necessary resources and capacity to keep going – did you know that 99% of businesses in Australia are categorised as small or medium? Try to imagine just how many of these need assistance. As consumers, we have a civic duty to help keep these small businesses thriving post-COVID until they’re back on their feet. Here are easy things you can do to support local businesses post-pandemic.

Keep ordering from local restaurants

As restrictions have eased and you’re more inclined to dine out, make reservations in your local restaurants. If restaurants and cafes may be full at nights or weekends, go for off-peak hours, but keep your reservations even if you might have to wait long. This gives them an assurance that they’re being patronised and sets their expectations. And don’t forget to tip them if you can afford to do so.

Continue shopping locally online

For many small businesses, it may have been a great challenge moving their brick-and-mortar stores to digital. Show your appreciation by ordering through their website and social media platforms. Choose to buy local products, whether it’s home décor, clothes, personal products, groceries, or home supplies. Buy gift cards from these online stores to give to your family and friends this year.

If you’ve enjoyed the ordering process, don’t hesitate to compliment them for the ease and convenience. A few good words online go a long way for your local stores.

Post a review on social media

Each time you receive your orders, go ahead and tag the stores on social media. Show your friend network why they should also get the products and services from your favourite local stores. Local shops appreciate these mentions, and they may even use these social reviews as part of their marketing materials, so a little tag on Facebook or Instagram helps them out a lot.

You can also leave positive Google reviews of these shops. These reviews drive more traffic into their websites and social media, and help get their name out online. If their products and services are not too stellar, send constructive feedback that would be easy for them to action.

Go the extra mile

If you’re open to going the extra mile, support them by offering to help out with their business. From making graphic design posters, setting up a Facebook page for their shop, volunteering to do tasks for them during the weekend, to participating in tourism initiatives during the weekends. This is a great way to get to know the people behind the business, and the more you know what their needs and goals are, the better positioned you are to support them.      

Life always comes full circle and takes you on unexpected paths, you can never underestimate the value of work experience in different industries.

When you can, choose local businesses over large corporations – big companies will be able to weather bigger challenges, but locally-owned ones may not. These local businesses are the strengths of your community. Brady Electrical Contracting is with you in supporting our amazing local businesses community, and is more than ready to help them grow and succeed during these challenging times.

We would like to thank our community for their contribution in helping Brady Electrical Contracting grow amidst the pandemic. BEC has been awarded a lot of commercial, and industrial projects in the past year, thanks to your trust and confidence in our service. We were able to expand the team, as well as our office, which was an unprecedented achievement for us. Therefore, our growing BEC family would like to pay it forward as much as we can. Together, we can continue to support these businesses and support local jobs and build an even stronger and vibrant community.